Life is Short, Buy the Shoes


Sometimes you get a sign that you need new shoes. Well, that's exactly what happened to me. While out shopping one day, a sign stopped me in my tracks that read, "LIFE IS SHORT BUY THE SHOES". It was in that moment, that the voices in my head appeared in print right in front of me. If I had a dollar for everytime that I regretted not buying those shoes that I left behind is what I tell myself. Let's be honest,  I would probably just buy more shoes, but you should do what makes you happy right?



For all of the reasons that I try to justify why I don't need more shoes, these are my favorite lines that I tell myself over and over again accompanied by my favorite shoes by Diba True.

"They will never be this cheap again!!!"

Yes, I really believe this every time that I see a sale price and being the competitive person that I am I just have to get them before anyone else does. And the last size is my size, it must be meant to be. Some shoes you just have to snag when you see them or you will never see them again and it will haunt you forever. So just buy the shoe and save yourself a headache and heartache.



"Do I really need more black boots?"

The answer is always yes! It never fails, black boots always come to the rescue to save the day.  Unsure of a color combination? black boots you're apprehensive about. For an editorial chic look, all black does the job every time.



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"I can just add more shelves to my shoe closet"

You just have to do the sensible thing and buy more shoes is my answer. My frequent trips to Home Depot, Lowes, and The Container Store are all of the evidence that you need for all of the shoe damage that I have caused. Each pair tells a story or is waiting for the special time to shine.




"I have the perfect outfit for these to wear to the party" 

This is almost a good excuse as any, let's just think of the endless photos that will be taken.  Who knows, you may run into friends from College or an old ex-boyfriend and you have to look great. You need the shoes to be prepared to walk into any situation, Sounds good right? Your friend will back you up on this one.

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"Today sucked, I need these shoes!"

After a bad day, buying shoes make me feel better. It's something about sliding into a new shoe that guarantees that I will have a happy ending to a day that didn't begin so well. I can't wait to get home and try them on again and end the day with placing them on my shoe shelf. Some days I really need retail therapy, it's much cheaper than a real therapist. If you can treat yourself without breaking the bank that I say cheer yourself up and buy the shoes you deserve a gift!


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Sometimes you just need the shoes just because and that's enough for me at times.

shoes now



"LIFE IS SHORT BUY THE SHOES" I think I will take this motto with me into 2018.


This is the  sign that I saw in the store, it now hangs above my desk as a reminder to always buy the shoes! We all know nothing haunts you more than the shoes that you didn't buy. If all else fails and you have buyers remorse you can always resale them. See, I have an answer for everything.





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